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  1. Marty just performed at my son’s 1st birthday party! Everyone at the party had a wonderful time and were very impressed with his magic tricks. We would definitely use him again for future parties and will recommend him to all of our friends!

  2. Marty did a great job with 11 teenage boys, a tough crowd to handle. He was punctual, professional, and lots of fun. Made the party something to talk about for a long time.

  3. Marty was AMAZING!!

    Marty performed at our Upward Basketball end of season celebration for 250+ adults and children. He had everyone mesmerized with his amazing interactive magical tricks as well as laughing from his wonderful comedy. Upward is a Christian based sports program and Marty did an awesome job incorporating a sermon into his performance that left everyone feeling uplifted.
    I would definitely recommend Marty. We will be using him for our upward celebration again next year!!!

  4. Thanks Marty!! You had 137 people (children and adults) laughing and crying and in awe, all at the same time!! We all loved you and definitely will be booking you for our International Dinner yet again next year!!

  5. Marty just performed for my son’s birthday party. The kids had a blast. I loved how he included everyone in the show. The best part was how funny he was while doing such outstanding magic tricks & illusions. The kids laughed so hard & we loved hearing our son laughing with giant belly laughs. You should definitely use Marty if you want to have a memorable party. When one of the kids left, he said, “This was the best party I’ve ever been to.”

  6. We used Marty for a charity gala recently. He came in to entertain the crowd after the dinner portion concluded and before the silent auction areas closed. Everyone loved him. He was funny, and held everyones attention, even those who didn’t think they wanted to be entertained were in awe as he performed his slight of hand. I had seen Marty at other events I’d attended, that said every “trick” seemed new and fresh….his personality made you what to see more.
    I would recommend Marty to any group, adults and children alike…..we plan on having him at our next gala, what a crowd pleaser!

  7. This is our first time with Marty, and we are really impress with his show! The kids had a blast and was truly amaze at his tricks! He went over our allotted time, but did not rush to end the show nor cut back on what he promise to perform. That says alot about him and his passion to provide great entertainment! Thank you for a great time! Memories like this is truly priceless!!!

  8. Marty was as promised…magical. I had him perform for a third grade birthday party and anyone who can have third grade boys sit still for over an hour is a Magician!. His performance was flawless and the stunned looks on the kids faces during some of the tricks said it all!. The card on my ceiling will be a reminder of what a great birthday it turned out to be. You will have to book Marty to find out what the card on the ceiling trick is. It’s 30 feet up there 🙂

  9. Marty turned our company party into a truly “magical” event. He was was punctual, professional and funny. The show is exceptional and memorable.

  10. We had seen Marty perform at a few parties in the past and had to have him perform his magic at our store in Downtown McKinney. We had a small event night and Marty kept everyone entertained. Customers are still raving about his performance.

  11. Marty performed for 26 kids under the age of 6! He kept them mesmerized for a half hour with his magic show and then made balloon animals for the kids for a half hour. I highly recommend him! The kids talked about him the next day at school!

  12. Trust me – Marty is good. I throw a lot of parties and I can assure people leave talking about him.

  13. Worth every penny!!

    Marty’s magic show was tremendously entertaining and I couldn’t have been more pleased! Performing for a mixed crowd of all ages is difficult, but everyone stayed engaged and interested for the entire 45 min. Thanks Marty for your professionalism, your skills, and your personality! You made my daughter’s 5th Birthday Party one to remember!

  14. Marty was fantastic at my daughters 18th birthday party. He was a sure hit with everyone from the teens, small kids, and adults. Would recommend him to anyone looking for a special touch to a party.

  15. Marty performed at my dad’s 80th birthday party, and he was a huge hit! All of the children and adults had the best time. Marty is punctual, funny, does great tricks, and can interact with all ages. People are still telling us what a great time they had at the party with Marty. Thanks for making it such a memorable event.

  16. Marty was great! The perfect entertainment for our family reunion for the children as well as the adults! The children enjoyed being included in the his act. Hope to have him back next year if we make this reunion a yearly event!

    Marion Grissaffi

  17. Known Marty for over 20 years. He has exceptional talent–the best I have ever seen. Relates very well to audience.

  18. Marty can Truely work a room.

    Marty volunteered his services for the Garland YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day. He worked the crowd of close to 200 with great authorithy. He was awesome,and had the kids and families amazed and entertained the entire hour. I look forward to next year, Just to see Marty’s show.Thanks Marty Job Well done.

  19. Marty is an absolutely One of A Kind Entertainer, I am a performer as well and have enjoyed working with him and would Highly Recommend him for your Next Special Event!!!!!

  20. Marty was a great addition to our promotional activities at a recent conference. We called him with last minute details and he was able to quickly confirm and then work on the details for his performance. He was engaging and brought many people to our booth. We cannot wait to involve him in our next event.

  21. hey marty this is spot from pappadeaux!!! i love your tricks they are awesome!!!! you are the best magician i have ever met and thats true!!! marty your tricks are the best!!!

  22. Marty performed at my daughters’ school this week. He did a magic show and made many balloon animals. All the kids loved him! (The parents and teachers did too!) The entire student body was buzzing with excitement as they showed us, their parents, their balloons. I will definately be contacting Marty for my child’s birthday party!

  23. Marty performed for our 7-year old daughter’s birthday party and was FANTASTIC! The adults enjoyed the show every bit as much as the kids did. He was very interactive with the audience and was very professional. The kids are still talking about what a great time they had. I would recommend Marty without hesitation.

  24. After seeing Marty in action at his Nicos gig on Thursday nights, I suggested that the Childrens Ministry Team at our church hire him for entertainment for our Birthday Party for Jesus event last month. Marty was a HUGE hit – everyone crowded around to watch his tricks over and over hoping to figure them out! Marty is extremely agreeable and easy to work with – very much a blessing when you are trying to host an event for several hundred people! The feedback after the event included a resounding request to be sure Marty was back next year! Highly recommended!!

  25. Thank you Marty for truly making our 8 year old son’s birthday party so great! The boys are all still talking about and actually the parents too. Your talent & professionalism are impressive. I was truly WOWED by your show. Thank you!!

  26. Marty is always great to work with! Our clients have enjoied his magic and balloon art for years and we look forward to many more!

  27. We had Marty Westerman’s Magical Experience for our 8 year old grandson’s birthday party. He performed before a group from 5 years old to 87 years old and kept everyone dazzled. He made the birthday boy the center of his show while he also used several others to help. The ending of the show was very special for the 8 year old. We were extremely pleased with Marty’s Magical Experience and would highly recommend it.

  28. I had the best birthday party ever this year! Marty Westerman, The Mad Scientist came to my house and put on an amazing magic show and my friends and I laughed and laughed and laughed. He was very funny and very talented. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to have a great party!!

  29. We had wonderful time and my son loved it. We all loved Marty’s magic.
    Specially poker card magic was incredible. Thank you for showing us great magic.

  30. I hired Marty for my annual Halloween Party that my Club does for the kids, and he was amazing. Marty made a good nigh great. I have already hired him for two more events, and will be using him throughout my future in this business.

  31. I did not want to give my son your typical pre-packaged 3 hour birthday party at someplace like The Main Event and others. We settled on a sleep over party and that left me with the unhappy task of deciding what entertainment to supply. We came up with a few activities but I decided to get a magician also. I was very lucky to find Marty. I feared I might end up with someone who would do a few card tricks and then disappear. I was very happy during and after Marty’s performance. He was amazing and kept the boys captivated, entertained and totally focused on him which is no small feat with 10 year old boys. He made sure everyone participated as his assistant during his show which thrilled the boys. Marty’s show had excellent tricks and magic which had the boys betting on who can figure out how the tricks were done. Try as the boys did, they could not see anything but magic. Marty was no more than 5 feet from the boys at all times and he was flawless in his presentation. Marty stole the show when he levitated my son at the end. Marty has a great personallity and the boys felt very comfortable with him. I understand that the magic show was also the talk of the fifth graders when they returned to school. I do not believe I ever heard the word Awesome so many times in a span of an hour before. If you want a very unique and memorable experience for your child’s birthday party, you MUST call Marty.

  32. Marty is AMAZING! I usually never leave comments for anyone or website, but I can honestly say that I am always surprised at his level of skill. This guy belongs in Vegas! Great Job!

  33. Marty was a fantastic addition to our reunion party! Not only was he an incredible magician, but he made everyone feel comfortable and engaged. His magic tricks were awesome – I am still wondering how my playing card got into his wallet…Thanks Marty!

  34. We have had Marty on at least 5 or 6 occasions. He is always fun, has incredible magical tricks that leave everyone baffled, mingles easily with the crowd – whatever their ages, gets people involved. He is just so much fun! We would recommend him without reservation – whether your group is small or large! Thank you, Marty! Joan & Steve Smith

  35. Kendahl Rasnick
    Mon 10/26/2009 9:37 AM


    Thank you so much! The kids really enjoyed your performance and so did the parents. Thank you for making Ashlyn’s 10th birthday so special!

    Have a great day!

    Kendahl Rasnick
    Assistant Managing Director of Sales – Hilton Direct

  36. Sarah Riehm October 7, 2009

    “Our North Star Network Group had the distinct pleasure of seeing Marty’s magic at Nico’s Cantina in Richardson a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, I find most magicians annoying. But not Marty! He is SMART and FUNNY! None of us could figure out his magic, and he was just inches from us at our table. We were enthralled. Plus, his balloon art is quite amazing. He’s great with grownups but equally entertaining for the little kids. He has a beautiful attitude toward life and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. Hire this guy!”

  37. Marty is an absolutely charming entertainer – he understands the dynamic & feel of an event and can adjust his style and approach to fit the crowd. It is with great confidence that I can suggest him to members and feature him at Club events without having an hesitation that he will represent not only the Club well but himself as an entertainer. I look forward to any opportunity that I have to feature him or recommend him, definitely one of the best in the business. A talented and unselfish performer!

  38. Perennial favorite!

    We have had Marty perform at our company functions for over six years-conferences, parties, trade shows. That in itself should be proof of the caliber of his show. A fantastic magician with a great personality that combines for a wonderful experience.

  39. mw magic –

    Marty played an elf- a big one at that- when the members gathered around one table whose birthday it was- he mesmerized all with his gift- he stunned all ages from 4 to 70- truly a remarkable talent- great with the kids and older generation alike- I’d like to take magic lessons from him- I still need to get the card off my ceiling though.

  40. Our company hired Marty for our employee Christmas party and his performance was absolutely wonderful. The employees had a fantastic time and have been buzzing about his performance ever since the party. Marty was kind enough to start his performance early and STRETCH his performance while we awaited a very late catering delivery. He was truly a lifesaver in that regard. Our company HIGHLY recommends Marty for any party or other gathering.

    Becky Minyard Human Resources Manager The Bradshaw Group, Inc.

  41. Fascinating

    Marty is an exceptional entertainer. I would highly recommend him for any event. We have used him for personal parties as well as for many of our clients and we have never had a bad review. He is always professional, on-time and loads of fun! Thank you Marty for always going above and beyond!

  42. janking3

    I want to thank you for your comments. I hope to work with you again…

    Marty Westerman

  43. Most Memorable Thanksgiving Ever!

    Thanksgiving….a time for family and loved ones. And Marty gave up his time with his family to make my Thanksgiving the most memorable one ever! A tremendously funny performer, Marty engaged the entire group of 25 ranging in age from 2 to 57 both during the performance and during his balloon creations. We would all highly recommend him to anyone for ANY event. What surprises await you! Thanks, Marty and thank your family for sharing you with us on Thanksgiving! What a blessing!!

  44. Fun and Interactive Entertainment!

    Marty Westerman has entertained at many events for my organization and he has done an outstanding job every time. Marty has a very engaging personality and always draws a crowd. Adults and children alike are delighted by his fun and interactive magic tricks. I highly recommend him!

  45. Truly great for kids!!!

    We hired Marty for our son’s 6th birthday pary and it was an absolute hit. Marty was completely wonderful, not only as a great magician, but he is a real artist with balloons and a wonderful person. We had the party on board the McKinney Ave. Trolley and I had my doubts abouthow well it was going to work because of the lack of space, but Marty made it work and it was wonderful. I had several e-mails the next day telling me that our party was the best birthday party they had ever been to. There are no words to thank Marty for the amazed faces of all the kids. He really did make the party! Don’t hesitate AT ALL to call him up. E-mail ( if you have ANY doubt at all.

  46. Outstanding corporate/trade show magician!

    “We have worked with many magicians and similar performers over the years, and Marty is one of the best! First and foremost Marty is an entertainer. Combining both comedy and magic he left a PERMANENT positive impression on our clients, prospects, and every person – young and old – that he came in contact with. In addition to performing amazing feats of coin and card magic, mentalism and sleight of hand, Marty interwove our sales message right into his routines. Unforgettable for all. It was the kind of performance that will help us turn leads into happy new clients.”

  47. Exceptional

    Magic of Marty Westerman has entertained several of our clients through the years. We have had great reviews from all of our clients and they ask him back time after time to entertain. I would recommend Marty Westerman for any occasion. Your guests will be entertained to the fullest.

  48. Magician

    Thanks Marty! What an attention grabbing show. Our girls’ birthday party was a huge hit; not just with the kids, but the buzz among the parents continues. I was very impressed with Marty’s professionalism as well as his demeanor with the children. We had about 22 kids ranging from 2 years to 10 years old and they all were gasping with amazment by his magic!

  49. Entertainment

    What a great show! We had over 18 children and 50 adults at my daughter’s 10th birthday party and Marty held every one’s attention for the entire show. They loved him and the adults enjoyed him as well. We found him funny, charming, entertaining and professional, arrived on time. Thank you so much !!!

  50. Marty performed for 80 parents…

    Marty performed for 80 parents and kids during a school dinner at Fish Express restaurant. The children followed him like the Pied Piper, with ear to ear smiles as he worked his way around the tables. We adults were intrigued and amused by his variety of tricks. I would hire Marty in an instant to perform again, and so should you!!!

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