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  1. Thank you Marty for showcasing as Entertainment for our Red Ribbon Week Assembly at Morningside Elementary. Marty had 2 shows with 400 kids total! The students were laughing, engaged, and amazed as a very important message throughout Marty’s act: “Abracadabra! Stay DRUG FREE” was presented. Marty throughout his show talked about the importance of being DRUG FREE and how important it is to start in your youth, so that you can have a good profession when you grow up. He asked the students who they wanted to be when they grow up, and one yelled out, “A Magician!” 🙂

    Marty completely had the students in AWE and AMAZEMENT at the beginning of his show by tearing up a newspaper and unfolding it perfectly unripped right before their eyes. The students were sitting on their feet to make sure they didn’t miss a thing. I asked some students after the performance what some their favorite magics acts were. One student told me he thought for sure he was going to get wet from the water in the shower cup. Another told me he was thinking about his mother name when Marty read his mind and nailed it on the initials.

    By far, the students were blown away when a fourth grader was called to the stage and was LEVITATED in front of the assembly. It was incredible! All of the students and teachers were gasping in awe! The fourth grader said he didn’t feel a thing and was so glad he got to be a part of the show.

    Marty involved the Principal, Vice-Principal, students, community police officer, and as many students as he could get on stage to help with his performance. He was ENTERTAINING, high energy, super funny, and very engaging the entire 2 hours for our school.

    Teachers, staff, and administration were all involved taking pictures, laughing and enjoying this incredible Magic Show. Thank you Marty for spending 30 years practicing and perfecting your show for hundreds and thousands to enjoy your many talents.

    The Morningside Elementary PTA will definitely have you back, and would happily recommend and pass your name along. Thank you for such a fun show and for incorporating in our Red Ribbon Theme to your performance.

  2. Marty’s show was a marvelous success for our Summer Reading program. As a Library Director I value professionalism and reliability and Marty was the epitome of those ideas. From providing needed documents in a timely manner and even calling the day before the show to confirm, Marty was a consummate professional.

    Most importantly, Marty’s show was funny, engaging, and inclusive. Our children had a great time and we had a full house! I could recommend Marty more strongly! Our best act of the summer by far! We look forward to his return next summer!

  3. Steve McGowen, Denison Public Library

    Marty put on a great show to a packed house. Children and adults both really enjoyed his show with audience participation being one of the best parts. We hope to have him back at our library for another performance. Enthusiastically recommended.

  4. Marty does an outstanding job. He is very passionate about what he does. He is great with the kids and parents and his magic is magnificent. I have booked him the last two years. His show was awesome and he did a fantastic job.

  5. Marty was a hit at our library as always! He went above and beyond what was expected! Can’t wait to get him booked again!

    W. Walworth Harrison Public Library
    Greenville, TX

  6. Once again Marty the Magician packed the house. Excitement filled the air as the children entered. Everyone was ready for a GREAT show and Marty did not disappoint. Marty rolled up his sleeves and went right to work amazing kids and parents alike. He involved many of the audience and even some of the grown-ups. We paid tribute to those serving and those who have served in the Armed Forces, with an American flag trick. It was so funny to watch the reactions to this trick. Another trick Marty performed, ended with a playing card stuck to our ceiling. It has been a week since his visit and the kids pointed out that the card was still on the ceiling. They seemed amazed that it could stick that long. I’m not sure, but I think Marty puts some of his magic on the back of his cards. We will continue to keep our eyes on that card. If your library wants to really have some fun and have the “Magic Section” emptied from your shelves Marty is the one who can make that happen. The Kaufman County library can not give Marty the Magician enough praise and we are truly thankful that he loves what he does. You will see his true joy and professionalism every minute he is on stage.

    P.S. Ask Marty how he can make some lucky child FLOAT IN THE AIR!!

    Mellisa Day
    Kaufman County Library
    June 2019

  7. Marty was the First show for our Library”s 2019 Summer Ready Program and he was a whopping success! His magic skills are second to none and had us all scratching our heads. We had one of our largest crowds ever come to see Marty and everyone left totally amazed and entertained. I enthusiastically recommend Marty Westerman.

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