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  1. Marty did a fantastic job at our community showcase. I knew children would enjoy the balloons but our event was mostly an adult crowd so I wasn’t sure how well balloon twisting would be received. I was surprised to see that the adults seemed to have even more fun with Marty than the kids did. He is able to appeal to any crowd. By the end of the event, most of our participants were wearing some sort of crazy balloon hat. I highly recommend Marty and plan to use his talents at our next event.

  2. We hired “Hollywood the Clown” for Gabriels’s 6th birthday party. Everyone had a blast and was really impressed with his show. He kept the children’s attention, made each of them part of the show, and had the adults laughing. Very impressive! We will recommend Marty to our friends and look forward to hiring him again! Thanks Marty!

  3. WE had Marty perform for our 2013 Employee Christmas/Holiday appreciation party and he was the HIT of the PARTY! When Marty LEVITATED one of the children from the audience, the crowd wend NUTS! His slight of hand-up-close magic is INCREDIBLE! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Marty to EVERYONE for ANY PARTY or EVENT! We LOVED HIM!

    Gary Powel, Pres.
    Pretzels, Inc. / TEXAS TWIST

  4. We had Marty perform at my husband’s 50th bday party and he did a fabulous job! This is the second time we have used him and it was a good as the first time! Marty is very personable, punctual and aims to please. His performance is great and has people laughing and engaged the entire time. Both adults and kids told me how much they enjoyed him. Thanks again, Marty!

  5. Marty performed for our corporate holiday party and his magic artistry was enjoyed by all! Thanks for adding another fun component to our party!

  6. Marty performed at a corporate event. He had everyone hooked and paying attention. He did an amazing job-enjoyed by children and adults alike! Would happily recommend him for any event!

  7. Marty performed for my sons birthday party and what a wonderful time it was. I was extremely pleased with his promptness and crowd control. Keeping 8yr olds focused and entertained for an hour isnt easy. He managed to keep smiles on all their faces and involved the kids during the show as well as parents. We had a blast and I would recommend him to anyone interested in having a birthday party!

  8. Marty was simply amazing performing for our 3 hour pool party. We had over 600 guests and the line for him to make a balloon creation was constant through out the night. He even stayed a little late and made some creations for some last second arrivals. His funny and engaging personality made him one of the biggest hits of the night at our party. We will be contacting him again for future functions.

  9. Marty performed magic for over 130 children ranging in age from 3-10. They loved the show!
    Levitating a child was great, but engaging children that young for an hour is was pretty magical too! Thanks for a great event Marty!

  10. Marty was a balloon artist at an event at our aquatics facility and he did an excellent job! All of the kids (and adults) loved the balloon creations and entertainment he provided.

  11. Hey Mr. Westerman!
    What an amazing performance you showed us last night at Nico’s!
    We are still talking about how crazy and awesome it was!
    We hope to see you and your magical show again sometime!
    Thanks to you I feel like a kid again!!! 🙂

    Thank you and God bless you!

  12. Marty,

    Thank you for the incredible job at our Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet. All of the children (and adults) loved your performance. My children are still talking about the show! Thank you again for entertaining our group! We would highly recommend you to anyone who was looking for a magician for a school function, or party.

  13. Marty performed at our Splash Day pool opening for the neighborhood association in north Garland on May 18th. He was fantastic! Variety of entertainment modes, related to both adults and kids, very entertaining. We will definitely ask him to come back every year from now on. Sonny Shaddix Firewheel Swim and Rec Board of Directors

  14. Marty performed at our home for our turning 4 year old granddaughter’s birthday party. He was very funny & entertaining! He is truly the best magician I’ve ever seen and is very professional. He gave our granddaughter all the “birthday attention” which she loved. Have you ever tried to keep the attention of 15 4 and 5 year olds?? Well Marty did it!!! Now that is “MAGIC”. We have seen Marty perform at serveral diffrent places and we very very much recommend him. You will just love him!!! As a balloon artist, Marty is AMAZING. We give Marty our Highest recommendation and as many gold stars as you can give!! We love you Marty and can’t wait to see you again.

  15. To whom it may concern:
    I am the owner of El Chico Cafe in McKinney, Texas. For the past several months we have contracted with Marty Westerman to entertain our guests on alternate Thursday evenings. I have watched Marty perform on numerous occasions and I am amazed at his skill and talent. He absolutely sweeps entire families into his act and they really enjoy him. He does so many things that are impossible to explain.
    If you have not tried Marty to entertain your guests, staff, employee picnics, conventions, etc. then you are missing out on one of Dallas’ best kept secret.
    Please fill free to contact me about Marty at your convenience.
    Jim Collins
    El Chico Cafe – McKinney, TX
    972-569-7366 (mobile)
    972-548-7526 (restaurant)

  16. Marty entertained at an engagement party for a dear friend – he was a smash hit! He is fun, gracious, talented, moves easily through the crowd – everyone had their mouths OPEN in amazement! What fun! Before the event, he entertained a group of our grandchildren, ages 4 – 9. This was a totally different setup and performance – but they LOVED it as well! I would recommend him without hesitation. I still have cards stuck up on my ceiling (from one his card tricks) but don’t think I’ll take them down as they make me smile every time I see them!

  17. Marty was amazing. He performed at my child’s birthday/halloween party. To say he exceeded our expectations is putting it mildly. There were about 25 children and and additional 20 to 30 Adults. I really don’t know who was immersed more the children or the adults. We could not have been happier. He also got the audience involved in the show… over 6 different children and at least 4 adults and never missed a beat. And as an added bonus, I found him quite professional, he to let me know he would be sending me an email with basic informations and such, then called the day before to confirm the time and go over the show details with me. The day of the performance we made a last minute change and it didn’t phase him a bit. He was ready to go and WOW what a show.
    Thank you Marty! We will see you at our next party.

  18. Marty performed at our annual Halloween party that we host each year. Our guests range from 30 to 73 years of age. Marty left them wanting more they raved about his magic and still call wanting me to tell them how he did the tricks and talk about his skill with the balloons. We highly recommend him for any event and my son plans on contacting him for our grandson’s birthday. Thanks again for a great show Marty.

  19. Marty was spectacular for my son’s 7th birthday party! He had the attention of kids and adults the entire time. It was truly a pleasure having him. He had a great sense of humor while maintaining a professional environment. I loved how he incorporated everyone in the show. I got compliments from everyone telling me what a spectacular party it was and how entertained they were with Marty’s show. I recommend getting the knock ’em dead package, worth every penny.

  20. Marty did a FANTASTIC job at my son’s 7th birthday party!! His magic tricks really left
    the audience stunned and his personality/ jokes kept us all rolling with laughter.
    It was such a joy to see the kids left in wonder at his tricks and having such a fun time.
    He kept their attention for the hour long show. I received many compliments from the adults
    and we still wonder how he did those tricks! The “levitation” really was amazing…well worth it
    if you choose that package! Thank you Marty for helping create a wonderful memory for my son’s birthday.
    I hope we may have the chance to use you again in the future.

  21. Marty was a hit at our National Night Out for the Oakbrook Park HOA. He is amazing with kids and families. He makes incredible balloon animals and has impressive card tricks. Everyone felt he was a big impact on the success of our event. We will continue to use Marty at future events and recommend him to others!

  22. Marty has been performing at events we host for over 6 years! We have him back at least once a year because he is so good at what he does. He has a personality that connects with children as well as adults and his magic in done incredibly well! The crowd loves him and he provides fun and energy for all in attendance!

  23. Marty was awesome. His commanding presence I felt immediately. The first performance he did had me and the group amazed. I’m still wondering how that trick was possible. Marty arrived early, was very professional, and out did what we were expecting. He is well worth his services, to say the least. As an event space owner, I know I can hire him for one of my events and rest assured he is thoroughly entertaining the crowd. He not only has the technical expertise, but also the charisma. He’s a real character. He has my firm recommendation! 🙂

    Quixotic Eric

  24. Marty performed at my daughter’s 7th birthday party. It was a blast for everyone, kids and adults alike! He made it extraordinarily special for my daughter and kept her in the spotlight, but managed to involve all the kids in some way. The highlight of the party was when he levitated her! He also made each child their own unique balloon. I have received so many compliments regarding Marty’s show from the parents. One mom says it was the best party she has ever been to! Another says that her kids have been performing magic tricks since the party, and another that says her child hasn’t stopped talking about it! My daughter will always have memories of her 7th birthday due to his exceptional performance!

  25. We loved Marty at the Dallas Public Library Skillman Southwestern Branch. He had the kids and adults amazed one minute and laughing the next. Everyone got involved and he utilized a lot of audience participation.
    He emphasized that much of what he does as a magician, mime, and illusionist came from books, which can be found in the library! Great way to tie into the Summer Reading Program.
    Well worth the money!

  26. Marty performed at our library’s Summer Reading Program. The children loved him!!! Marty had everyone, even the parents, participating. He also emphasized the importance of reading, by telling everyone he learned some of his tricks from books. He was able to keep an audience of varying ages(0-12)entertained. If you’re thinking about having Marty come to your event, book him know. You will not be disappointed. He is the best magician that has visited our library. He will always be one of the first performers we call.

  27. I can’t thank Marty enough for his fabulous peformance! I met Marty at Mattitos in Frisco and hired him immediately to do a show at my daughter’s 4-year birthday party. He was very funny & entertaining! The adults and kids loved his show – we especially loved all his magic tricks (I’m still in awe of some of the tricks!). He is truly the best magician I’ve ever seen – very professional, and gave my daughter all the “birthday attention” which she loved. I highly recommend Marty for kid shows of all ages (and adults!). Thank you Marty for making my daughter’s birthday party so special – she will never forget it!

  28. Marty performed for a birthday party recently and was fantastic. We were familiar with Marty’s magic from Mattitos and our son thought he would be great for his party. Marty was great interacting with the kids, getting them involved in the show and wowing them with his special brand of magic. I had multiple parents ask me about Marty during the show as they were blown away. Overall, I highly recommend Marty for any event you may be planning – he is personable and professional, is there well in advance of his show start and stays after to interact and make sure everybody is happy. FIve stars!

  29. Marty entertained our senior adults at our annual Keenage Kamp at Camp Copass. He was very popular and put on a terrific show! The way that Marty interacted with the audience was wonderful and we had lots of excellent comments about the show! We will definitely keep Marty in mind for future events!

  30. Marty has been performing at our restaurant every Wednesday for a few years now. His amazing personality and gift to wow our guests is second to none. His presence has increased our traffic dramatically. He has the amazing ability to capture the audience and have them leaving feeling great. He always is able to amaze the kids, and the parents as well. His engaging personality keeps the family laughing and coming back for more.

    I would refer Marty to anyone for any event, and can’t thank Him enough for his outstanding service, consistent great attitude, and ability to ensure that every guest leaves happy. I continue to get great feedback from my guests about how amazing Marty is and how appreciative they are that he can perform for them once a week here at Mattitos.

    Manager, Mattitos Frisco

  31. Thank you for making a memorable birthday. You kept people in awe and entertained. They all loved the balloons. Joe

  32. I wanted to add a local mime to our weekend entertainment and stumbled upon Marty’s website. I called him and the chemistry was right from the start. He drove to our mall and explained his setup. I really liked his professionalism and his candid ability to win children over. He has been in the business for over 15 years and it shows. We are very fortunate to have found Marty and hope to continue to work with him.

  33. Marty performed at my daughter’s 8th birthday party. We had kids ranging from 2 years old to adults. Everyone enjoyed his magic show. He truly does entertained both children and adult. He was very profesional, arrived on time, and made the birthday girl as well as her guest feels very special. All our guests were very impressed from young to old and requested that we have him come for her next birthday party.

  34. Marty was a huge hit at this year’s Scout Family 1171 Christmas Party. He was so good with the kids, and the parents enjoyed being able to sit and relax while Marty gladly did all the entertaining. Loved how he used as many audience participants as possible, kids and adults both. We had about 150 kids ranging in age from 5-17 years old, and he held everyone’s undivided attention for a solid hour. Thanks so much, Marty, for making our party an AMAZING one! We were impressed. We will definitely keep you on file for future scouting events.

  35. Marty performed for us at our annual company “Open House” and did a great job of entertaining both adults and children. All were impressed with his magical activities. We would definitely recommend him for any type of event.

  36. As a fellow professional entertainer I wanted to send a review to let folks know what I think of Marty Westerman.

    Let me first start by saying that I have been in the entertainment business myself for 27 years. In those years, I’ve come across many magicians who are great at what they do. Every once in awhile I come across a fellow magician that really stands out from others. Marty Westerman is one of those magicians! I first met him about 10 years and was blown away with his performance style. He has a very funny, entertaining and outgoing personality all rolled into one. Above and beyond anything, I have to say that Marty knows how to entertain a crowd of any size, from small to large. He connects with an audience instantly!

    I often get calls for shows that I cannot personally take because I am already booked. Marty is at the top of my list of
    performers that I know, trust and am comfortable referring my clients to. Children, teenagers and adults alike LOVE Marty. I know this because they call me and thank me for recommending him. So, without any reservations whatsoever, I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a fun and multi-talented performer.

    Todd McKinney
    Comedy Magician
    Educational Entertainer 4 Kids!

  37. Marty performed at my sons’ birthday party. All of the children and the adults loved the act. Marty is very talented (and funny!) and he kept the children’s attention for a full hour! I will definitely recommend Marty to my friends and family.

  38. Marty has been entertaining my guests on Wednesday nights and other special occasions for about two years now. I get several compliments a night about his entertaining personality along with his magical tricks that keep the kids and parents coming back. Marty can also raise his game for those special nights out for adults who want to mix in a little magic with their dining experience. If you are looking for a magic man who can entertain kids and adults as well I highly recommend Marty Westerman, you will not be disappointed.

  39. Is it Thursday yet????

    For Three years the week days of our calendar at Nico’s Tex-Mex have read “Mon Tues Wed MAGIC-THU Fri Sat Sun” Children of all ages, Teenagers, Adults, and Senior Citizens have experienced Marty’s awesome performances. The walls and the ceilings of our restaurant can speak for themselves. Poker cards with names written on them add to the decor. This is the magic Marty leaves us when he is out on other missions, amusing other children and entertaining other adults. Thanks Marty for an excellent job and for your great heart.

  40. Marty is a great magician and entertainer… He can hold a crowd and make you laugh. He worked at Frankies during brunch hours and hopefully will soon hire him again. His magic is great and fun, anyone who hires him will for sure not regret it, and have a wonderful time.
    He worked an adult crowd once who was a bit unaccepting at first and they ended up having an amazing, memorable time that til today I hear about how wonderful their day was at Frankies because of Marty.
    Thank you Marty for a great time at Frankies and hopefully we get to see you around there soon.

  41. Marty performed at our library’s Summer Reading Program. Everyone had a wonderful time. The kids were asking me after the show how to ring the bell. You’ll have to have Marty come out if you want to know about this one. In addition, I am still trying to figure out the card trick I was a part of. This is the only show the parents actually commented about. They thought it was the BEST SHOW of the summer. If you look on our shelves, you will not find one magic book. Why? The children enjoyed the show so much; they cleared our shelves of every one we own. If you have had other magicians at your events and were not that impressed, call Marty he will change your mind. He did mine!!

  42. Marty’s magic performance at the Ferris Public Library exceeded all our expectations. He is outstanding in his interaction with the children and really excelled in audience participation. I highly recommend Marty as he delighted the kids, held the teens attention, and entertained the adults during his show. He was such an inspiration almost every magic book we have was checked out after the show. Without a doubt Marty will be invited back!

  43. Marty was great!! I was a little worried at the beginning because we bought the longest package with ballons but everyhting went great and everybody was fascinated!!
    el mago Marty fue genial, mis amigos no dejaron de preguntarme de donde lo consegui. Marty nos asombro a todos con sus trucos de magia y luego nos enamoro con sus globos tan unicos y especiales. Marty se encargo de que todos (grandes y pequenos) formaran parte del espectaculo. Lo volveria a contratar de nuevo sin pensarlo.
    Gracias Marty!!

  44. Marty was the center of attention and a huge hit at our son’s 9th birthday party! Everyone truly enjoyed his magic including our older boys (17 Y.O. twins and their friends), both sets of grandparents and numerous other family members of all ages. I would highly recommend his services!

  45. I cannot say enough how wonderful Marty’s performance was at our son’s 6th birthday. We bought Marty’s ‘Hit ‘n Run’ show: 30 mins. of magic and 30 mins. of balloon creations. I thought this was the right amount of time to hold the small kids’ attentions, and it was perfect. Marty had everyone, adults and kids alike, spellbound (pardon my pun). He was funny and incorporated all the kids into the act at one point or another – and some of the adults too! As the birthday boy, my son was singled out for some extra time in the act, which he LOVED. The magic tricks were appropriate for the ages of the children, but he also did several tricks that really blew us adults away. As a balloon artist, Marty is AMAZING. We were all so impressed. He made my son the most awesome hat, a ray-gun, a sword, and a utility belt to hold them; he made one little girl a princess holding a small bouquet of flowers; he made a bow and arrow that really shot and Spiderman swinging from webbing – all out of just balloons! All of our adult guests were so impressed, I got tons of compliments from them, with everyone asking how I found Marty. I would recommend him in a heartbeat, you will not be disappointed.

    Thank you, Marty, for making my son’s birthday so memorable!

  46. Marty performed at our elementary school’s Spring Carnival. Both adults and children were entertained and amazed at his performance. Even our principal was part of the show. The kids circled him and followed him as he worked the crowd. We first saw Marty at Frankie’s and were so impressed that we wanted him for our school’s carnival. When we say we are going out to dinner, our daughters always ask if we are going to a place where we will see Marty. I would definitely employ his services again.

  47. Marty entertained the children, teens and adults at our neighborhood Spring Fling. Everyone enjoyed the magic and the kids went crazy over his amazing balloons!!!! He did a great job and made sure all the children went home with a unique balloon. We look forward to having him again!!!!!!

  48. Marty performed at our annual Home Owners Association spring party. The adults and children were amazed by his magic performed during the meal portion of the party. All were equally impressed with his baloon crafting skills, as well. Many of our attendees requested that we invite Marty back for performances at future HOA functions. We’ll definitely employ his services again!

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